Aunt Lena is driving me home from yet another direct sales party hosted by her daughter.  In the ten years since we graduated college, my cousin, the Queen of Home-Based business, has sold purses, makeup, kitchen products, nutritional supplements, sex toys, and now, food products for a company called Classy Cuisine.   Just as I am about to ask Aunt Lena if anyone has ever considered pairing a Classy Cuisine party with a sex toy party, she starts telling me about the time she stopped my grandmother from killing my grandfather…

Read more!  “Bloodsuckers” is a short story published in Illuminations, Volume 16 | 2015, edited by Kimberly Fangman.

Illuminations ( is the award-winning artistic publication of Southeast Community College. In the Community College Humanities Association’s literary magazine competition,  Illuminations contributor Cameron Koll was awarded the Judges’ Merit Award in Fiction for his short story, “Baby Doll,” which appeared in Illuminations, Vol. 10!

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