Gall Finalist in “Lincoln’s Got Talent”


Kara Gall was one of 13 finalists in “Lincoln’s Got Talent,” a local spin on a national idea.

On September 14 and 16, nearly 50 performers from around the city auditioned for the Friday, September 18 final competition  used to raise money for the Lincoln Community Playhouse.

Anthony Messineo, Playhouse President-elect says, “With America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, some other different ideas, we thought it would be a great way, being in the art community, to have people come out and showcase their talents to us.”

From musicians and comedians to singers and dancers, the competition showcased all forms of talent.

Gall sang her original song, “Demeter Waiting.” While she didn’t place among the top three, Gall walked away with a positive feeling from the experience. “Unfortunately, I came with only one shill, my daughter, who assures me that “lots of the grown-ups” voted for me. This was a really fantastic opportunity to meet some amazing local artists, make some musical contacts, and get really great (and useful!) feedback from the judges.”

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