Original Song about Drought on the Plains wins 1st Place


[clipped from Hi-Line Enterprise, July 2005]

Cozad, NE – Kara Gall, returned native of Eustis, won the 3rd Annual Bands Brews and Barbeques Talent Contest with her original song, Demeter Waiting. Gall, a writer and freelance graphic designer, is employed full time by the Middle Republican NRD in Curtis, NE. 2nd place in the contest went to Dustin Gleason, also a Eustis resident.

Gall’s song, a folk song about dry times on the Plains, is also featured on the Buffalo Commons Storytelling Festival website, in the “Turning the Century” storybook, a collection of short stories, poems and songs written about the life and times of people from southwest Nebraska. www.buffalocommons.org.

Contest judges included Stafford Thomson of The River, Jules Cooper of Mix 97 and Margaret Atwood, producer of the independent film, Independence, filmed last year in Cozad.

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