Kara’s poem “Transliterated Water Trips is included in the anthology“Riparian: Poetry, Short Prose, and Photographs Inspired by the Ohio River published by Dos Madres Press and edited by Sherry Cook Stanforth and Richard Hague.

“Winding nearly 1000 miles on its course, the Ohio River invites our curiosity about artifacts and species, and secrets carried by the living and the dead. Through poetry, short prose, and photography, RIPARIAN creatively contemplates the Ohio River in all of its diversity, navigating currents of heritage, myth, nature, solitude, community, migration, work, destruction, and healing. Contributors include regionally awarded and local writers from Ohio and surrounding states, as well as creative young people who also channel the complex nuances of the river and its watershed. All gather here, within these pages, in the spirit of earnest storytelling.”–Sherry Cook Stanforth & Richard Hague

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