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Kara is thrilled to have two of her poems appear in this anthology.

Bared collects the work of 170 contemporary women poets and artists. Exploring the gendered narratives that clothe and fashion the body, gender subversion, the traditional male gaze, feminist theories, and more, the artists and poets collected in Bared resist given narratives about the breast and bra by boldly presenting alternatives in written and visual art. The poetry and art of Bared consider commodification, training bras, mammograms, bra factories, biopsies, bra-fit, pencil tests, cancer, mastectomies, sexuality, implants, nursing, representation, and so much more, highlighting the importance of women’s bodies now and in the future. The cover art is by Wanda Ewing, University of Nebraska at Omaha’s tenured professor who was diagnosed with cancer in May 2013 and died a few short months later in December. She was only 43. A portion of the proceeds from Bared will be donated to the University of Nebraska Foundation Wanda Ewing Memorial Scholarship Fund.During select events, a portion of proceeds will also go to specified organizations that support women.

Roethke Chastises us on Summer Solstice


“Roethke Chastises us on Summer Solstice” aired June 2015 on DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 99.  Hosted by Damh the Bard, each episode features poetry, story and song offered by Bards throughout the world. There are also interviews with people involved in the Druid tradition, and related areas, plus seasonal thoughts, explorations of Celtic mythology and history, reviews, and competition

To listen, go to Scroll to episode 99. Kara’s poem can be heard around 35:00.


Fenced In


“Fenced In” by Kara Gall

“Fenced In” aired Thursday, April 30, 2015 as part of The Platte River Sampler. Hosted by Phil Schupbach and Tom Ukinski, the Platte River Sampler was a weekly exploration of original prose, poetry, drama, songwriting and more, all from Nebraska, often delivered by the authors themselves.  The Platte River Sampler aired on Thursdays from 6PM – 7PM on 89.3 FM KZUM, Lincoln, Nebraska’s non-commercial, listener-sponsored community Radio Station.